Which Are The Best Tank Themed Slot Games

If you are used to military action movies, you can get your money rolling on tankers slot games. Most of these games involve the tankers as the wild symbols. That means that if you utilize this weapon correctly, then you are on the profit edge.

Still, you will use other arsenals like guns, land mines, bullets, canisters, and grenades. Hence, you use these weapons to have military combat with enemies. Sites like Canadian war themed slot provide such games. The more a player defeats enemies, the more one increases the chances of amercing points and bonuses. Therefore the following are some of these games.

Tank And Money Slots

If you are a fan of the call of duty game, then try this slot machine. However, call of duty does not involve amercing cash as these military slots. Tank and money slots are created by GazGaming, which is of Malaysian origin. Gazgaming makes this game with quality graphics that make your playtime a real-life experience.

What is the gameplay of this site?

Tank and money feature five reels and nine pay lines. These pay lines enable a player to have a complete chance of winning. Also, there are free spins to equip you with experience in the game. Another enthralling gameplay is the cash you stake. That means you can wage as low as 0.09 per reel. The maximum can be 45.00 for those looking for higher returns.

What does the game entail?

The starring of this platform is a big tanker. This mighty land-mover bears an arsenal of weapons. In this game, the reels feature metal targets situated on the sides of your play. Even the pay lines and betting option depends on these targets. For example, the pay lines are located on the spin’s side while the game cash transactions are on the lower-left reel side.

Which are the game’s features and payouts

Different symbols represent each weapon. Such armaments include sniper firearm, ammunition, bombs, and many others. In this platform, you find letters like 10, J, Q, K, or A as symbols. Like J represents a sniper rifle while K is the tank symbol.

Additionally, these symbols are categorized into two terms which are.

The scatter symbols. The missile is a scatter symbol that appears on all spins to maximize your earnings. If you hit three or more missile symbols, you will get a multiplier bonus.

Wild symbols. The tanker is the wild sign. A golden badge in the game shows the wild sign. The wild forms great winning combinations that result in bonuses. If then you hit like fifteen aims, then you are on a jackpot edge.

Tank Attack Slots

GamingSoft is the architect of this game site. The site is also renowned for its massive jackpot. The game’s military action involves the use of mines, petrol canisters, guns, and ammunition. The tanks are the equipment that forms greater earnings. The game’s 3D visuals further enhance an incredible playtime.

What is the gameplay of the tank attack?

This site has nine pay lines. The grenades, mines, and other weapons feature on the first five reels, but the more play will make you advance to the wild symbol. The pay lines can appear on the right, left, or both sides of the reels.

Another enticing aspect of the game is the tanks meandering the hilly regions. That creates an entertaining warzone picture. Even the gunfire soundtracks make you experience a military combat experience.

Which are the payouts of the game’s symbols?

The minimum and maximum payments range from 0.09 to 900 per reels. The game also possesses a demo which bears no cash wins and gives you playtime experience.

The symbols payouts include.

The bullets pay three, ten, or fifty times your earnings. That is if you land on three to five pay lines.

The petrol can value five, twenty-five, or two-hundred multiplier earnings.

Landing a grenade or land mine payout a minimum of two times a maximum of three-hundred multiplier

A rocketed grenade would value a thousand multiplier of your bet.

However, the biggest win involves a tank. At this stage, you would enjoy a multiplier five-thousand to ten-thousand times.

Major Cash Tank Slot

If you are fond of jewels and army staff, this game is for you. That is because the Major Cash Tank Slot comprises a treasure tank with opulence qualities. Endorphins are a company that created this game. They created this site with splendid graphics and gameplay. Still, Endorphiona has made the game available on smartphones.

What are the leverages of this platform?

The major cash tank consists of five-reel slots. In every spin, the gem’s opulence increases. The game also boasts ten pay lines, which are lucrative to a gambler. This leverage is further sweetened by the 0.01 to 100 deposits and a 96% RTP. Such incentives suit both a low-income player and a higher wager one.

Major cash tanks symbol and their payout

There are many categories of these treasure symbols. They include the fewer value symbols, the mid-range ones, and the large payout signs. First, the less value consists of a blue, red, purple, or yellow gem. the gold cards and some cash are the mid-value symbols. Thirdly, golden holdalls or jewel dollar icon comprises the higher value symbols.

How can you maximize your winnings?

Choose to attain tank scatter, which is the big prize. If you utilize this symbol on second, third, and fourth spins, your payout is resourceful. Still, you will attain a free spin that counts in winning.

Additionally, the game’s dealer offers you cards when you get the wild tank symbol. If you win the dealer’s four cads, you double the earnings even to 10x. A multiplier of 10000 comes if then you play strategically.

Battle Tanks Slot Machine

Sometimes at war, enemies strike soldiers and weaken them. But, for the battle to continue, the soldiers must find their fighting spirit back. Therefore the gameplay involves you as the soldier who tries to survive on war trenches.

The atmospheres of the game are coupled by a downpour, bombed structure, and fire burning. Also, the enemies keep on pursuing you. Therefore the site of the game is horrific and demonstrates the challenges soldiers endure. In the endgame, you have to meet good or bad outcomes as you fight back the rivals. If you beat them, you attain bonuses, but if you lose you miss points.

What is the gameplay of battle tanks?

The game is a five-reeled platform with nine pay lines. You are also required to pay a minimum of 0.50 cash to go back to the battle. That cash depends on payline coins or fixed value coin options. Although there are nine pay lines, you can choose either + or – icons to click on your preferred pay lines. Therefore, to achieve a maximum bet, you have to wage the maximum cash.

What are the symbols payout?

In the battle tank game, there are eleven icons. These include the card tiles with less value.

Secondly, war-themed icons that include tanks, trucks, or other weapons. Then there are the valuable scatter symbols that have a money multiplier of 4500 times your bet.

Lastly, if you manage to utilize those icons, you get a fully-loaded tank. The more you beat your enemies with the tank, the more you win points.