Bomber Girls Slot

The Bomber Girl Slot Machine: An Overview Of What You Can Expect And Where You Can Find It

1)The Overview Bomber Girl is another game brought to you by Microgaming. It includes a 5 reel interface and 20 pay lines. The cool thing about this game is that it combines a war-like storyline. To counter the war-like storyline, the manufacturers have included some hot girls for the guys, and they serve as the main icons in the game. All you have to do is reveal at least 5 characters that are similar, and you can get multipliers ranging from 500-600 to 1000-2000. You can also get other multipliers worth 5,000 times if you pick a wild symbol. Players not only get to experience pretty girls, but they also get to experience bomber jets and other airplanes. The wild symbol is the one you need to watch for. That can take your bets to the next level. This game is great for those who want to see what battle is like, but do not want to be on the frontlines. FYI: The Bomber Girl is the main wild symbol to look for(hence the name of the slot).

2)The Scatter Symbol There are two main symbols you need to concern yourself with. The first one is the compass(think Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean with an added twist). The other scatter symbols are the whiskey and cards. Once again, think Jack Sparrow(but without the rum), and during war times.

3)The Free Spins Would you like to get some free spins during the game? All you do is spin the compass on the 2,4, and 5th reels all at the same time. How do you get the free spins? The first two numbers are added. Now, the amount of free spins is determined by the third number, which is the multiplier.

How Do You Get To The Bonus Rounds? That is simple and complex, at the same time. You will have 5 cards. Your goal is to determine if each card that comes next falls above or below the previous one. Players who keep guessing the right play will have a chance to move forward to the next rounds.

Some Of The Casinos That Have Bomber Girl Slot Machine 

1) Online Casino City: 

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5) Casigo Casino

Some Tips On Playing Bomber Girls Slots or Other Slot Machines

1) Make sure the game fits your personality. That means this game is not going to do you any good if wartime themes are not your cup of tea. You also have to take into account the denomination factor. As I said, the bonus and wild rounds are based on the denominations you accrued. Sometimes that can get a little risky. Slot machines, in general, can get a little risky if you get into the higher denominations. Make sure your emotions can handle the rides. Slot machines(and Bomber Girl is no different) have a history of handing out both high and low payouts. Do you start to lose yourself when the market takes a small dip? That is a good indicator that you are not going to do well with slots. Slot machines work a lot like the stock market. Be sure you can handle the volatility.

2) Always have a budget in mind. I cannot stress that enough. Slot machines are very enticing. A slot machine will make you believe you can risk a little more(especially if you are on a winner’s streak). Stick to your budget, no matter how enticing the wild symbols appear to be in Bomber Girls.

3) On the one hand, you do need to stick with the higher denominations to win big. However, you also need to start small so that you can get to the bigger circles. You could also do something called priming the pump. Notice what wilds and scatters are giving you the most money and prime them. Supply them with a little bit of money every so often. That could increase the payout after you are finished Bomber Girl. Once again, always start small and let it grow.

4) Most people like to pick the slot machines at the front of the row. It is where everyone gravitates too because it is right there. Choose the one towards the back. You will have better luck with the odds. The reason is that everyone is more focused on the front, so they are not looking at the back. I cannot say for sure where Bomber Girl is going to be placed. However, if you see an empty slot online in the back, then that is the one you go for.