Battle Tanks slot machine features

Slots have become a phenomenon and ever since they were introduced in the market, they have made quite a name for themselves. Compared to the previous versions, the new slot machines are high end and are designed to cater to the technological requirements of the player. This has given rise to Battle slots or theme-based slot gaming. The fact about theme-based slot machines is that they integrate the player into the game and make it more entertaining for him. Battle Tank slot is one such game that knows how to keep the player hitched to the screen.

What is the Battle Slot machine?

The battle slot is a slot game themed around the battle. It takes the player and puts him in a zone where there are tanks, machine guns, and combat. This is what makes it interesting. By destroying the enemy, you will not just be having a little fun at the achievement but at the same time, it can help you win a couple of bucks. Battle Slots takes gambling to a whole new level with its interactive way of simulating a battlefield and putting the player in it.


The video slot was released in 2016 and has been one of the top Tank slots till now. It has a 5-reel and 9-paylines. The player can trigger 15 free spins, x3 multiplier, and wild substitution. You can also double your money and also play a bonus game. The prize can be multiplied if you shoot the enemy tanks in the bonus round.



Compared to many other games, it has an RTP (Return-to-player) of 93.3% which is quite higher than many other slot games. Battle Tanks is programmed to also run on a mobile phone where there is no issue of lagging or anything. The gambling becomes easier and the interface runs smoothly.


When it comes to modern slots, many things are considered before awarding ranking. Battle tanks can’t be ranked but it can surely be audited. The games scatter symbols and the bonus rounds allow you the opportunity to double your rewards but its technology makes sure that you are entertained. Gaming is one such area where you need to feel entertained and it can’t be made too serious. Though gambling is a serious affair, as far as slots are concerned, they are a blend of entertainment and gambling. This is what Battle Tanks do; it not just caters to your gambling needs but at the same time does not disappoint you in matters of graphics and sound. It’s a fine example of modern video slots.

What to keep in mind?

Before gambling or playing any slot game, you should keep in mind that you need to spend the money that is yours on the game. It’s is worthy to do gambling but it’s more fun when you play it safe.


From free spins to bonus rounds, Battle Tanks has a lot of features for its player to use. It is supported on all three platforms – Apple, Windows, and Android.