Battle Tanks Video Game Review: Not your Usual Slot

There is no question regarding the popularity of online gambling games. Slot machines is a casino game that is loved by everyone who gets’ their hands on them. From animations, Manga, to tank games, online slots have covered all kinds of genre. But despite the massive number of tank games online, it’s a shame that many are not involved in the themes of other games. Stick to the end of the article because we will be reviewing the ‘Battle Tanks’ online slot game.

Battle Tanks online slots review

Battle Tanks is an online slot game developed by Evoplay Entertainment. The game is all about surviving the tanks and battling against them to bring home rewards and prizes. If you love the war slot games, then you couldn’t love this theme of slots enough.  It gives you a nail-biting experience.

Battle Tanks

The slot machine comprises of three reels, with the image of two tanks, a Wild, a Scatter, Bonus and numerous letters and numbers.

Wild symbols: Wild symbols are almost mandatory of every slot game. The wilds in this slot machine can replace every symbol, except the scatter and bonus symbols.

Scatter symbols: These symbols are responsible for providing free spins. If you collect three of these symbols, you’re in for bonuses and perks.

Bonus symbols: They’re usually a group of three symbols. When you get your hands on the bonus symbol, it calls for a Bonus game, where you have to play the game against the computer and shoot down the enemy tanks.

Although they’re not the cheapest slot machines you can play, they’re still designed for beginners with low bets and other perks. If slot machines is your thing and the sweet, glittery themes are not your forte, then the Battle Tanks online slot machine will feel like a breath of fresh air to you.


Perks offered by the game

Apart from providing all the essential features required for a classic slot machine to function, they’re also popular because of the perks offered. They are:

  • When you compare the land-based slot machines, to its online counterparts, one important thing we notice is the ability to play for free or the demo option. Battle Tank online slots also offer the demo game option that is much required for beginners, if they’re not aware of the game play.
  • This also provides the option of playing it after checking the graphics, sound play and many other features of the game. Once you’re done practicing in demo mode, you can switch to play with real money.
  • However, the game does not fake advertise itself by promising instant bonuses and rewards for opening an account on their site. If you want rewards, then you got to play a few games and wait for your perks.


Battle Tanks is not your average slot game that you play regularly. It has a lot more extravagant features, bonuses and rewards associated with them. Above all, it provides endless entertainment to the players.