Best War Themed Slots

COVID-19 hit hard and looks like it won’t be going anywhere for some time. So, what better thing to do than beat the slots online! With so many different offerings, there something for everyone! What about those who like war-themed slots? Yup! There are those too!

Before diving into the best war-themed slots, you can pay online, let’s first briefly cover a winning strategy. A winning strategy is quite simple but important in the world of slots. First, consider what you’re willing to lose and never under any circumstance lose more than that. Second, go for smaller jackpots as those have the highest potential for wins. For example, you may think the big jackpots would be a better bet, but in reality, your chance of winning will be no more than 1 in 1,000,000. Meanwhile, smaller jackpots could have odds as high as 1 in 10,000 or better. So, go for smaller jackpots because you’ll win more in the long run. Now onto the slots!

1) Battleship

This slot is a pretty famous one, and our favorite war themed slot. With 25 pay lines and five reels, this game throws constant verify and surprises at the player. You’ll never get bored with this one. In this game, you could win as much as $16,000 in a single spin! Battleship can also be played for free or for real money. The bets typically range from just $0.01 to roughly $5 per bet. Some big players have even gone up to a maximum of $625 per bet.

2) Tally Ho

Like World War II? Then this one is for you. Produced by RTG, this WWII themed slot has reals in which symbols appear. These symbols represent a pilot icon from the war. This game is unique because of the occasional free spin it offers. Find symbols representing the Roundel icon and boom, free spin!

3) Space Wars

Another classic war themed slot is Space Wars. This one, of course, doesn’t take on the theme of any real war that has occurred on earth. Instead, the futuristic space-themed slot offers a unique experience with aliens and more. With 40 pay lines and five reels, you’ll get kept entertained all day long. You can also enjoy a wide range of bets from just one penny to five dollars. Among those on this list, this is perhaps one of the most fun because of its unique concept of space!

4) Orc’s Battle

On the subject of fictional wars, the Orc’s Battle slot is perfect for those that love fierce yet fictional battles. Themed after Lord of the Rings, this slot throws you into the world of Orc’s and their epic battles with the other kingdom dwellers. Orc’s Battle has 50 pay lines and allows players to choose from betting anywhere from 1 to 5 coins at a time. However, the coin amount will depend on how your online casino defines the worth! Either way, this is a must-play if you’re seeking out war-themed slots.

5) St George and the Dragon

Did you play Orc’s Battle but need more fantasy war-themed slots? St. George and the Dagon takes the player into a world of fire breathing dragons and knights. This slot, in particular, is powered by micro gamming. The game offers a massive 243 pay lines and five reels. This game also comes with many surprises features not commonly found in other slots. This one is a must-try if you love fantasy or just want to try out something new!

6) Drone Wars

Drones are becoming more and more popular as consumer drones become cheaper and easier to use. This slot capitalizes on that newfound success by launching the player into a drone war! That’s right; futuristic fighting drones are battling it out as you play away and win money. Some versions of this game also use themes from Star Wars and Star Trek to help immerse the player in a futuristic space drone battle. With 25 pay lines and five reels, this one will keep you busy for some time. This slot, like the previous one, also relies on micro gaming.

That wraps up our list of the six best war-themed slots to play. Slots have come a long way, and these six will keep you entertained for numerous hours to come. Whether you’re a serious player or just dipping your toes in, these slots range in bets from just a penny to $625! Either way, each is friendly to new users, and challenging to experienced players! Don’t miss out on these awesome wars themed slots and give them a try today, whether online or in person. Let us know what you think about them and if you have suggestions for others to add to this list!

Battle slots is a puzzle quest for the gambling man

Slots are a fun way to pass your time and at the same time win a couple of extra bucks. Ever since the invention of slot machines, it has taken the gaming world by storm. However, the modern-day slots are much different than what used to be. The technological advancements and high-end graphics have revolutionized the whole thing. Battle slots are one such game that deserves your attention, not just for the graphics but the way it integrates the player in the game. From the theme to the graphics, Battle slots knows how to entertain the player and keep him hitched.

What is Battle slots?

Battle Slots has been designed in such a way that it provides the player with an entertaining and innovative way to get involved with the game. It casts the player in the role of a hero. The character stumbles upon a magical device that makes him harness special abilities to fight a mythical creature. You spin slots each round to win different prizes and based on the paylines, rewards are added to the spin. The theme makes it more interesting to the player as he gets incorporated into the game.

Battle slots


The skills keep getting added to the special skills of the player. The part about the game is that both the player and the enemy get to spin at each round and that’s what makes it interesting. As the player progresses through the game, he can unlock various skills and perks which can be used in the game. The spells gained in the game can affect the opponents, damage them, and elevate the chances of the player at the game. You will never know whether you are going to win or lose. This element of surprise adds to the fun in the game.


Other things can come to your rescue during the battle. The player can even the odds as he goes on playing the game. With the help of summonable creatures in the game, you can bring the odds in your favor. You can collect the ruins, unlock special characters as well as use your money to buy abilities and skills from the shop. The element of surprise that the game has is mesmerizing. Slot games are known for twists and symbols that offer the player some perks in the game and battle slots do that in its unique way.



The game has a very interactive fantasy theme where it involves the player in the game. This makes him a part of the game. It can be purchased for Windows PC for $19.99 with a free demo and if you run out of abilities in the game, there are always things that you collect without having to spend any further.


Slot games are fun but Battle slots are one such unique game that does it in its style. Once you have bought it, it will take you a few seconds to understand the game and get along with it.