Top 10 secrets casinos don’t want you to know

Despite distributing jackpots, rewards and bonuses to winners every day, have you ever wondered how casinos are still in business? In fact, they make more profit than many industries combine. How do they do this? Is there some secret the casino industry is hiding from us?

Well, of course, every business has some business secrets that they hide from their customers and the outside world—this keeps them going bankrupt. The casino industry is nothing different from these industries. In this article, we’ve unveiled the top 10 secrets the casino industry has hidden from us:

House edge

No matter what games you play, ultimately the more significant share always goes to the casino. This is not a tactic or like many might assume, the games are not rigged. The odds are calculated and set in such a way that ultimately, the house always makes more money than the customers collectively.


Some games are worst than the others.

Some games are just a rip off! If you choose classic games like Blackjack and poker, they offer only 1.5% house edge. However, fancy ones like the card poker have a higher house edge and attract the customers through their vast payouts.

Some games are better than the others.

In contrast to the above point, some are just favourable for the players. For example, video poker is the right way of reducing the house edge. Although, there is no guarantee of winning, there are higher chances of turning the game in your favour and cutting the house edge.

No clocks

If you’ve noticed, often there are no clocks in a casino. The main reason being, the casino owners want you to forget the timing and indulge in the game.



Once you enter a casino, you cannot ignore how warm and welcoming the arena makes you feel. Their main agenda is to make their customers feel “at home“. Again, happy the customer, more fortunate is the owner.

Bonus food and drinks

Most times, you can find yourself wanting to win that bonus card for free food and drinks on the menu. Why do you think they distribute free food and beverages? Because that il hook the customers to their seat, wanting to play for a longer time.

Poker rooms are not monitored closely.

The main reason being, it is played against the players and not the house. SO, whether you win by cheating or play a fair game, they don’t care. Hence, casinos often do not waste their resources on something that doesn’t profit them.



Dealers often feel bad for the losers. But they’re not allowed to say that aloud. If you’re timely tipping the dealers, then they’ll root for you to win, but if you’re not, then you’re by yourself for the night.

Sounds and lighting

The sounds are lighting of the ambience are designed in such a way that they do their best in attracting customers. Thy gives you a taste of win before you even start playing.

You’re being studied.

Especially when you win significant amounts, most casinos claim it’s for security purposes, but little do they know. They study your moves and strategies through drone camera or CCTV footage and make sure they change the game rules or cater to other approaches to avoid that situation in future.