Some of the Top Slot Game Makers

Slots have become popular than ever. Many producers are joining the market every day to give their innovation to the lover of the games that are not only thrilling and entertaining but also give players a chance to make money. Many developers have been in the market for a decade and continue to keep their fans wanting more. With many improvements due to advancements in technology and player’s preferences, game developers have been quite busy in their work. Many of the games that we find in some of the best casinos are just the same in the online platform but with more graphics, bonuses, animations, and much collaboration with Hollywood and Tv studios to bring some of the best slots that are branded with fine technology.

Some software providers are popular because of a specific trait that they bring in the game, while others are known for being in the market for the longest time. In collaboration, the providers of these games have been able to grace the world of slots with more than a thousand different slots that players can choose. With the age of the internet and online gaming with us, it is always good to research the developer of the game that you wish to play. Here is a guide on some of the best developers of the slot games.


The gaming software provider is also known as Net Entertainment and has been in the market since 1996. The company has been evolving, especially on its online platform, offering some of the best slots in the market. The company has over 250 casino games, and they ensure that every four to five-week there is a new game being played in a casino from them. Other than the company state of the art technology, the company has also produced a Live Dealer Casino product referred to as Net Entertainment Live Casino together with a mobile Casino Product referred to as NetEnt Touch.

This innovative Swedish company supplies games such as roulette, video slot, blackjack, scratch cards, and many more, among the player’s favourites. Their choice of quality has earned the company a reputation, and in 2014 they were able to acquire 21.4 billion in only gaming transactions.


Isoftbet is predominantly a provider of online games since its incorporation in 2010. Isoftbet has been actively developing the game after the other with now over 400 casino games which can be played on smartphones and tablets. At the same time, it is mathematically not possible to build such a portfolio in such a short period, its worth noting that the company was previously operating as Fast-CPU Gaming. The company has been graced with professionals who have been able to come up with innovative ideas and thus keeping the company ahead of other competitors.

The company has come up with some original slots with branded content and a collection table games and video pokers made with advanced technology, which has created a space for itself in the already crowded market. One of the advantages of the games produced by Isoftbet is that they have incorporated many languages in their games and ensures that the games accept various currencies such as Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Sterling, and many more.


The gaming company has been in operation since 1994 when they produced their first online casino software. The company since then has remained consistent in the market producing over 200 gaming software and holing a significant share of the need for their games. Microgaming gives its customers an option to play online or download a smartphone or a tablet for a better experience. Their software is quite bulky with over 200mb per casino, but it comes with over 500 unique games. They offer some of the best graphics, and there is an autoplay option for the games that do not require a strategy.

The company has received several awards for some of the best work in the industry, and it continues to give some of the best-licensed games full of innovation and creativity. Games from Microgaming offer some of the best jackpots such as Mega Moolah, which holds the highest ever progressive jackpot of more than £13 million that the business has ever paid.

Realtime Gaming

Realtime Gaming was founded in 1998, and it is among the first gaming software providers to go online. The company boasts over 300 gaming software’s that are actively being used in many casinos today. Some of the products from the company include video slots, classic table games, video poker, poker, and other games that are crafted using the best technology of recent times. The company has expanded its market to an international platform to introduce its Real-Time Gaming Real Series. Using the platform, players across the globe can enjoy the game either as instant play or using ta smartphone.

The company has always incorporated realness in their games that comes with perfect graphics, appropriate visuals, and good rewarding bonuses that keep the players wanting always to play these games since 1998. The company has continued to support its philosophy of producing creating online severe gambling games for disciplined players. Some of the top games produced by Realtime gaming include Fruit Frenzy, Aztec’s Treasure, Ronin, and many more.

Aristocrat Gaming Technology

The gaming company started its operations back in 1953 in Australia, best known for its gambling software and hardware development. Aristocrat has expanded to various parts of the world, such as Asian markets and Northern America. In 2011 the company decided to partner with NextGen Gaming, and together they venture into online services and concentrating on software development. With the aristocratic games, players can enjoy progressive jackpots, top-rated themed slots, and solid security features that come with the games.

Aristocrat continuously improving its products has led to its licenced to distribute its games in more than 200 jurisdictions. The games from aristocrats have a unique TV format in most games, making it easy to recognize the game from them. Some of the most famous games from aristocrats include Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, and Games of Thrones, among others.

NextGen Gaming

The company has been famous for the continuous development of some of the best slots in the world. The games produced by this company are mobile compatible as well as desktops. The best thing about Nextgen gaming is that other than producing a series of games, they embark on improving the quality of the already existing games by regularly updating their offer with new innovative slots.

They also have the best graphics quality and gameplay that keep the players entertained throughout as they make money during the play. Their online engagement began back in the 90s, meaning they have enough experience to study the market and offer the best. Some of their games include the 5 Knights, Medusa, 300 Shields, Call of the Colosseum, the Butterflies, the Dolphin Reef, and the King Tiger, among many more.

The world has been graced with may slot game producers who have used their creativity to remain relevant in the market. Many gaming software producers have embraced technology, which has been the key to transforming into the online platform. Players should always research to understand the games they are playing before putting their money in the game.

Bomber Girls Slot

The Bomber Girl Slot Machine: An Overview Of What You Can Expect And Where You Can Find It

1)The Overview Bomber Girl is another game brought to you by Microgaming. It includes a 5 reel interface and 20 pay lines. The cool thing about this game is that it combines a war-like storyline. To counter the war-like storyline, the manufacturers have included some hot girls for the guys, and they serve as the main icons in the game. All you have to do is reveal at least 5 characters that are similar, and you can get multipliers ranging from 500-600 to 1000-2000. You can also get other multipliers worth 5,000 times if you pick a wild symbol. Players not only get to experience pretty girls, but they also get to experience bomber jets and other airplanes. The wild symbol is the one you need to watch for. That can take your bets to the next level. This game is great for those who want to see what battle is like, but do not want to be on the frontlines. FYI: The Bomber Girl is the main wild symbol to look for(hence the name of the slot).

2)The Scatter Symbol There are two main symbols you need to concern yourself with. The first one is the compass(think Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean with an added twist). The other scatter symbols are the whiskey and cards. Once again, think Jack Sparrow(but without the rum), and during war times.

3)The Free Spins Would you like to get some free spins during the game? All you do is spin the compass on the 2,4, and 5th reels all at the same time. How do you get the free spins? The first two numbers are added. Now, the amount of free spins is determined by the third number, which is the multiplier.

How Do You Get To The Bonus Rounds? That is simple and complex, at the same time. You will have 5 cards. Your goal is to determine if each card that comes next falls above or below the previous one. Players who keep guessing the right play will have a chance to move forward to the next rounds.

Some Of The Casinos That Have Bomber Girl Slot Machine 

1) Online Casino City: 

2) Best Casino Sites:



5) Casigo Casino

Some Tips On Playing Bomber Girls Slots or Other Slot Machines

1) Make sure the game fits your personality. That means this game is not going to do you any good if wartime themes are not your cup of tea. You also have to take into account the denomination factor. As I said, the bonus and wild rounds are based on the denominations you accrued. Sometimes that can get a little risky. Slot machines, in general, can get a little risky if you get into the higher denominations. Make sure your emotions can handle the rides. Slot machines(and Bomber Girl is no different) have a history of handing out both high and low payouts. Do you start to lose yourself when the market takes a small dip? That is a good indicator that you are not going to do well with slots. Slot machines work a lot like the stock market. Be sure you can handle the volatility.

2) Always have a budget in mind. I cannot stress that enough. Slot machines are very enticing. A slot machine will make you believe you can risk a little more(especially if you are on a winner’s streak). Stick to your budget, no matter how enticing the wild symbols appear to be in Bomber Girls.

3) On the one hand, you do need to stick with the higher denominations to win big. However, you also need to start small so that you can get to the bigger circles. You could also do something called priming the pump. Notice what wilds and scatters are giving you the most money and prime them. Supply them with a little bit of money every so often. That could increase the payout after you are finished Bomber Girl. Once again, always start small and let it grow.

4) Most people like to pick the slot machines at the front of the row. It is where everyone gravitates too because it is right there. Choose the one towards the back. You will have better luck with the odds. The reason is that everyone is more focused on the front, so they are not looking at the back. I cannot say for sure where Bomber Girl is going to be placed. However, if you see an empty slot online in the back, then that is the one you go for.

Best New Slots to Play in 2020

Slot games are people’s favourite. People who play the slots aren’t usually concerned about the payouts for winning lumpsum jackpots. Of course, it goes without saying that they would be extremely excited if they won money. But the main reason people indulge in slot games is that:

  • Slots are fun and have a lot of extravagance and fun to it
  • Almost no slot machines in the world require skills. They’re purely based on luck.
  • Most times smaller jackpot slot machines offer more modest, but regular payouts.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, slots have gained immense popularity. They contribute to about 80% of a casino’s income and revenue. This is also a significant reason that has led to the charting out of popular slot games in 2020. Here is a list of new slot games in 2020 that you ought to check out! Some honourable mentions not included are BerryBurst, Jungle Spirit, Bomber Girls, and Gunslinger.

Street Fighter 2 Slot Machine

Street Fighter 2 Slot Machine

  • This slot machine is considered as by far the best one to play in 2020.
  • The game is developed by NetEnt that is packed with features and rewards that doesn’t fail to catch the user’s eyes.
  • The Return to Player of the game depends on the character you choose. Hence, you can play comfortably with a flexible option of winning according to your character needs.

Rick and Morty Megaways

  • The theme is based on a famous adult cartoon series that was featured on Netflix.
  • Although the Blueprint Gaming publishes it, it is a part of the Megaways family.
  • The companies, in collaboration with Cartoon Network, created the game with excellent animations and sound effects that gives you an experience of watching the series, on the road of nostalgia.

Pink Elephants 2

Pink Elephants 2

  • It is based on a lot of elephants on the screen that guide you to the winning streak.
  • Thunderkick develops it with a whooping RTP of 96.13%.
  • The game has gained widespread popularity, but many users believe that it could still do a lot better.

Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay

  • The black and white animated theme based on the Mickey Mouse series brings back childhood memories.
  • Created by Play’n Go, the game is considered one of the funniest slot machines in 2020.
  • The slot machine has a great and unique feature of introducing instant prizes, which is hardly seen in any slot machines. You can take it instantly.
  • With all the fun and exciting features, the games’ aesthetics never gets old, as it follows a three-wheel themed slot machine.

Agent Destiny

Agent Destiny

  • If you’re heads over heels for ‘Big Bang Theory’, then you’ll love this. Because it looks like the game just dropped out of a comic book.
  • Created by Play’s Go, it is a super fun slot machine sweeps you off the feet.
  • Along with incredibly exciting features offered by the game, it also offers an RTP of 96.26% and up to 20 pay lines.