How do you beat the slot machines?

Slots are a gambler’s favourite if they’re into luck-based games. Slot machines are found in all casinos around the world and are one of the most revenue-generating ones in some. Now, before we talk about beating the slot machine odds, we need first to understand how the machine works. It is a game based on pure luck with absolutely no strategy involved. Sounds easy to play, right? In this article, we’ve jotted down a few tips that take you a step or two close to beating the slot machine odds. Read further to find out.

Slot Selection

Whether we’re talking about the online slots or the casino ones, all slot machines differ from one another, not only in the way the games are designed, but also the themes and sound effects. But, one important thing to look out for is the Return to Player rates (RTP). They accurately give a number on the difference in payment returns to a player. One of our favourite slot games is Bomber Girls slot which we just completed a full review on. Some slots offer higher payouts and the others, comparatively lower. You have to look out for the ones that offer higher payouts. Demo games

Demo games

This strategy applies to online slot games only. Of course, the perks are elevated when we gamble on websites rather than the land-based casinos. This is especially true in case of the demo games. Before you figure out how to play the slots ( if you’re a beginner), or choose your favourite themes, you can have a quick practice session, which gives you a lot of ideas on the payouts and bonuses.

Smaller Jackpots

We often come across slot machines that offer progressive payouts and massive jackpots. It is better to keep such slots at arm’s length, as they tend to pay out less often. On the contrary, choose the slot machines that payout regularly, even if it is in small amounts. At least, you are entitled to win something for risking your money. Slot Variance

Slot Variance

It is also called the volatility of the slot machines. It is the amount of risk that is involved in playing the slots for money. Low volatile slot machines offer better odds at winning, than the ones compared to the higher volatile devices. Although the odds of forming the combinations are high, they offer lesser payouts than the latter. Higher volatile machines, on the other hand, provide less frequent payouts, but when they do, it is a lump sum. There is no argument here about which one you want to choose. But it is essential to keep your budget and time limit in mind.

Don’t go for unmistakable choices.

How likely is it that you’ll choose a slot that is themed on Friends or Game of Thrones? Yes, very reasonable. How likely is it that you’ll want a slot machine that is nearer to the entrance? Again, very inexpensive. It is always the best advice not to choose from these apparent options. If it is attractive and reachable, then it probably works in the casino’s favour. Of course, we do not want that. Hence, try to explore your options every time you’re on the casino floor.